{seattle} olympic-style sculptures

July 21, 2015

Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park is located north of Pike Place Market near the Seattle Center. This free 9-acre public park opened in 2007 and has both permanent and temporary installations. The most famous is Alexander Calder’s Eagle, a 39-foot red metal piece that looks like it could take off in flight. The most talked-about piece while we were in the area was the giant head though. I’m not certain exactly what it’s called or who made it, but I guess it was put there or created to create a dialogue, and guess what, it certainly was, because I overhead many walkers and tourists talking about the giant head! What a Olympic-sized sculpture if I’ve ever seen one!

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A Seattle Olympics photo adventure:










One Response to “{seattle} olympic-style sculptures”

  1. annalice said

    this was a really pretty park! I wonder what the story is behind each structure!

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