[good reads] then and always

July 26, 2015


goodreads-thenalwaysThen and Always by Dani Atkins is the last of my “A-section” books before I move onto authors with last names that start with the letter B. I didn’t realize it when I picked up this book, but Then and Always is written by a British author and when it got published in the United States, its title actually changed. The original title is Fractured in its original form. I don’t really know why the title got changed, since I think the original one works quite well and actually gives more insight on the story’s crazy plot.

I’m not going to spoil the story, but it becomes clear pretty clearly that there are two story lines happening in this story. The strange thing is that both stories are about the same girl so how is that possible? Well, I guess that’s the question the reader has to figure out and interestingly enough, it’s the same story that the main character, Sarah, is trying to figure out as well. Strange isn’t it?

I loved how the book really drew you in because it’s like you became a part of Sarah’s search with her. I’ll be honest though, the ending was a bit of a let down, I’m not sure why. I think perhaps I was sad it was over? Or perhaps, like so many people online wrote, the ending was just anti-climatic. Oh well, guess you’ll have to read it to figure it out for yourself!

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