{seattle} the center

July 27, 2015

I would say other than Pike Place Market, the other famous and very touristy Seattle location is the Seattle Center. This area is quite large and encompasses many different venues. We mainly visited because the Space Needle is here, but there are many other things to view as well. The nice thing is that the monorail runs between Pike Place and the Seattle Center so that visitors can train-it between these two spots rather than walk like we did. Even though we didn’t explore this area that thoroughly, we were able to sit out and enjoy the beautiful fountain, take in the mountains in the background, view a few unique art pieces, and just relish in the greenery of Seattle. What a nice breath of fresh air in our hectic Emerald City adventures.

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A Seattle center photo adventure:








One Response to “{seattle} the center”

  1. annalice said

    im really glad we had the time to just sit and relax by the fountain for awhile. it was also a beautiful day out!

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