[good reads] the twin

August 9, 2015


goodreads-twinI’m not usually a fan of recently-written translated works because I feel like there’s always something lacking. There are always references that don’t come across or I don’t know about when it’s translated into English. When I was at the library, I picked up The Twin by Gerbrand Bakker without realizing that this was one of those translated works! I decided to go ahead and read it anyway since sometimes you have to do things even if you don’t enjoy it thoroughly.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t exactly enjoy this book all that much. Perhaps it’s because the plot moved too slowly or perhaps it’s because I don’t understand Dutch culture. More likely it’s because I couldn’t relate to the main character Helmer in any way. Helmer’s twin was killed 30 years before the start of this book. Instead of going to continue his studies, Helmer returned home after his brother’s death to run the family farm. He’s never really been happy and at the end of the book he’s still not. I guess I just don’t understand what the book is trying to get across. Oh well … on to the next book!

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