[room 113a] room tour welcome

August 13, 2015


It’s just a couple of days until my new students step into my new classroom in San Francisco! This is a pretty scary thought since I’m usually completely done with my classroom by now and have all my IEP info sheets printed out and ready to be discussed and signed by the general education teachers. This year though, since having moved to a new state, new district, and new school, I am way behind! Part of this is not my fault: my school is under major construction this entire year so the place is kind of a mess. I am actually doing pretty good in terms of set up, I think. It’s also difficult when you walk into a classroom that belonged to someone else, but they hadn’t been using that classroom all year so the vast majority of the things in that classroom is just junk that people piled into the room. This means I have found 9 grade levels worth of curriculum in my classroom (K-8). I feel like that is just insane! The one thing that the previous teacher did leave behind though is a nice fancy magnetic calendar! Yay!

Reading area

Student “desks”

Fancy calendar

One Response to “[room 113a] room tour welcome”

  1. annalice said

    you have already made so much process! it looks great!!

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