{portland} made in pdx

August 16, 2015

Walking around Downtown Portland, my sister and I happened upon an interesting store. We mainly walked in because of the interesting logo, but it turned out that the place boasts much more than just an interesting logo. In fact, the entire place is super neat because it sells unique, locally-made products. That’s right! All the items sold at this MadeHere PDX store were made in PDX! There was everything from soap and snacks to clothes and bike accessories. My favorites were some of the prints of the many bridges in Portland. You can even order their products online. While every city should have one of these places so that everyone can buy more locally, it makes sense that Portland would be top of this list. I mean, isn’t this city just known for being the hub of hipsters and all their creativity?

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A locally-made Portland photo adventure:








2 Responses to “{portland} made in pdx”

  1. Wow I wish every big city did have one of these. Also kind of a great business idea!

  2. annalice said

    too bad its kinda expensive!

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