{portland} city of bridges

August 25, 2015

Sometimes, Portland is known as Bridgetown. This name makes a lot of sense because Portland is actually split by the Willamette River and since people need to get across from one side to the other, bridges are a must. When my sister and I were in Portland, we pretty much stayed to the West side so we didn’t actually get a chance to cross any of the bridges, but considering each one is unique and there are just so many, it was nice just to be able to see all of them. Within the Downtown and surrounding area, there are 9 bridges! I didn’t specifically pay lots of attention to which bridge we were looking at as we passed the ones we did, but even so, I’m sure a local could name each one just by seeing the way it looks. Yay for bridges!

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A bridging Portland photo adventure:







One Response to “{portland} city of bridges”

  1. annalice said

    the bridges were pretty awesome!! We got a view of them from that observation deck we went to

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