{portland} washington’s arboretum

August 29, 2015

Portland’s Washington Park, located east of Downtown, is absolutely huge and could take days to explore. Considering it’s covered in hills, walking it would take weeks so when my sister and I ended up over at Washington Park for the afternoon, we decided that taking the free shuttle was the best idea. With the shuttle, we were able to explore quite a few of the park’s best offers without spending too much time walking in between each attraction. Of course if we had had more time, ambling around the park itself would have been quite nice also.

Our first stop was the Hoyt Arboretum. This is one place I really would have liked to spend more time at since there were so many tall trees, lots of cool shade, and just green everywhere. Having lived in Phoenix for so many years, I’ve really missed the green. My sister and I were able to walk a few of the shorter trails at the Arboretum though, which was a cool treat.

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A Portland arboretum photo adventure:





One Response to “{portland} washington’s arboretum”

  1. annalice said

    i wish we could have spent more time on the trails =( but what we did see was pretty awesome!

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