[room 113a] lanyard visuals

September 3, 2015


My lanyard is pretty much the most important thing I walk around with while at school. It not only shows off some college pride (Go State!) it has three keys, my shrill whistle, and my flash drive that I can stick into the copy machine to print from. But most importantly, it has 8 3-inch laminated cards that save me from talking all day long.

These 8 visuals include 2 colored cards: 1 green (for happy behavior) and 1 red (for sad behavior). This behavior system is pounded into my students heads from day one of school so I can just flash my red card and they know there’s something they need to fix. A flash of green becomes instant feedback that their behavior is on track.

The other 6 cards are equally important and give direct commands: quiet, stop, raise hand, listen, sit down, sit criss cross. I love these because it teaches my students to not have to hear directions before acting. When I’m in the middle of teaching or talking to someone, I can also show a visual so as not to stop everything because of behavior.

I just love my lanyard so much!

My lanyard

Green (happy) and red (sad)

Large (3-inch) visuals that I have with me at all time


2 Responses to “[room 113a] lanyard visuals”

  1. annalice said

    do the cards work well?

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