[room 113a] meal plan

September 10, 2015


My school here in San Francisco is very strange. None of the cafeteria meals (breakfast, lunch, snack, supper) are cooked/made on site. In fact, all of it gets delivered. Breakfast is cold. Lunch and supper are delivered from wherever it comes from and then heated in these frozen dinner-looking containers. Snack is usually fresh fruit or cheese that comes from the local food bank. This is all very different from the meal situation I had experienced in Phoenix where pretty much all the food was made on site and there were multiple staff members working in the cafeteria. Here, one woman is able to handle everything because she doesn’t have to cook anything! Occasionally she washes and bags some vegetables in baggies. That being said, at least the food is decent, if not strange. The weirdest thing though is the fact that all this prepackaged food seems to go against San Francisco’s extreme desire to be crazy green … don’t you think?

Yesterday’s meal options

Closeup look at the Chicken Pasta Alfredo


2 Responses to “[room 113a] meal plan”

  1. annalice said

    at least the food is decent! usually packaged foods are not that good

  2. skwchang said

    you would think S.F. would insists on organic and locally grown and raised.

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