[good reads] the kennedy wives

September 13, 2015


goodreads-kennedywivesThe one thing I like about my new place in Bernal Heights, San Francisco is that it’s super close to the Bernal Heights branch of the public library. While it was a hassle initially to prove residency, since I haven’t switched over any IDs, everything is all set now and I’ve started borrowing books for school and for my own reading pleasure.

The first book I found (which happened to be in the new releases section) was The Kennedy Wives: Triumph and Tragedy in American’s Most Public Family by Amber Hunt and David Batcher. Growing up in Massachusetts, the Kennedys were always on TV and I was definitely sad every time members of the Kennedy clan died tragically, which seemed like all the time! Ted Kennedy (whose two wives are featured in the book) was senator during much of my childhood so having the chance to read about this famous family really excited me. In fact, I remember being told once that if America had a royal family, it would probably be the Kennedys.

The book reveals the lives of the Kennedys through the stories of 5 important Kennedy wives, all of whom married into the family name. First there was, wife of Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. Then there was Ethel, widow of Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Next came Ethel’s sister-in-law, Jackie Kennedy, widow of President John F. Kennedy. Last came Senator Ted Kennedy’s two wives: Joan and Vicki. It’s amazing to read about how strong and independent these women were, the struggles they faced which made them human, and the tragedies they endured together. While it’s a little bit difficult to keep all the family members straight, this book is such a must read!


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