{taipei} fancy seafood eats

September 14, 2015


While staying with my grandmother, we met up with many more family members for a family dinner at a seafood place. I love seafood in Taiwan because it’s so fresh! It wasn’t all just seafood though. We ate at 海真, which is known for their huge steaming pot of fish head soup as well as delicious homemade mantou (buns) that you eat with fermented tofu paste … yum! The rest of the dishes: home-style tofu, taibo, and day-old oil stick dish were all delicious, too. I feel like none of the names in English make them sound that great though. Maybe everyone should just learn Taiwanese in order to truly appreciate the food! And besides eating all this for just this one meal, since there was so much fish head soup, my aunt, grandmother, sister, and I actually ate that soup with rice for days!

A seafood eats photo adventure:








2 Responses to “{taipei} fancy seafood eats”

  1. annalice said

    wow what an abundant dinner!

  2. […] {taipei} fancy seafood eats […]

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