[room 113a] circle drawings

September 17, 2015


This year I’m teaching a class of mainly kindergarten students. They are functionally quite low (including a few that are nonverbal), but I am trying my best to adapt the regular kindergarten curriculum so that they can access it. This means for math, we started with colors and then moved onto shapes. I’m actually quite surprised because even though not everyone learned every color, they’ve been able to pick up a few, which is more than what they knew before.

In learning about shapes, I tried to incorporate as much creative thinking as possible since I know this is a skill that they need significant practice in. This meant we worked on each of the five shapes I introduced (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, hexagon) for two days each. On the first day, I introduced it, we looked at examples in our environment, discussed practiced a shape search, and then students did an independent shape search. On the second day, I reintroduced the same,







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