{taipei} diy sushi plate

September 20, 2015

lovefromtaiwan-headerThese DIY sushi plate places are literally all over Taiwan. I’ve only ever been to Narita, Japan so I can’t speak for the rest of the country, but I’m wondering if this is something that’s popular in Japan? Anyway, I love how you can pick each piece of your personal sushi platter individually so that it is completely personalized to the types of sushi you like or want to eat at that very moment. Or, if you’re not that hungry, you can literally just buy a single little piece for NT10 (around $0.30). The salmon was my favorite and I’m thinking that in subsequent trips back to Taiwan, I’m going to be hitting up Sushi Take-Out more, because what a great deal and so delicious!


Individually packaged and ready for your selection

Pre-made plates

My DIY plate and take-out bag


3 Responses to “{taipei} diy sushi plate”

  1. annalice said

    i saw this but never tried it!! I think I will try it this time when I go back. Was it fresh?

  2. I love sushi …

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