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September 23, 2015


Hi all!

Earlier this month over Labor Day weekend, I had the privilege of visiting Santa Cruz Island, the largest of the eight Channel Islands located off the coast of Ventura harbor, about an hour and a half north of Los Angeles. Although a small part of the island is owned by the National Park Service is owned by the National Park Service and is open for anyone to visit, about 79% of the 96 square mile island is owned by The Nature Conservancy and is mostly off-limits to the general public. As a perk of being a Conservancy employee, I got to spend a few days on this part of the island and help do some work (like pulling old fence up). We also got to explore some of the island, and even see some of the Santa Cruz Island foxes, an endangered species endemic to the island (meaning it’s only found on Santa Cruz Island). If you’re interested in the conservation aspects of the island, you can find out more here, but for now, let’s take a look at some photos!


Christy Beach, on the far west end of the island – it was a remarkable experience being on a vast stretch of beach where my group were literally the only humans in sight!


One of the Santa Cruz Island foxes! Sorry the picture has such bad lighting, but if you look close, this little guy was only about 10 feet from me! They don’t get a lot of human interaction, so you can actually get pretty close to these little creatures before they scurry away!


Just one of the gorgeous vistas! But the best parts were probably the ones that couldn’t be captured on camera, including incredibly clear nights where you could see the brilliant sky and millions of stars, including a couple shooting stars!

I could definitely used to this island life!



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