{taipei} shimen wharf

September 28, 2015


While in Taiwan, I went on a little day trip to Shimen, which is not too far from Taipei. I found out that you can actually bus there, but my uncle thought it best to drive, especially since my almost 100-year-old grandma was headed there with us.

I knew that we were headed to the coast since my grandma loves eating seafood and this is just about as fresh as it can get. The local fishermen bring in the night’s haul each morning and the live sea creatures sit in crates just waiting for you to pick them out!

More than just the deliciously fresh seafood though, it was nice to wander around the Shimen Wharf and take in the strange Mexican sombrero-looking building and admire the beautiful view. I don’t know why, but I just love looking at boats swaying back and forth with the tide while anchored in the harbor. The colors of the brightly painted boats also contrast and compliment the colors of the sea, sky, and buildings.

A Shimen wharf photo adventure:







One Response to “{taipei} shimen wharf”

  1. annalice said

    oh whoaaa i wonder if I have ever been here before? not sure.

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