{nyc} street sidewalk graffiti

September 30, 2015



I’ve just recently started going to college in New York City and I’m still pretty fascinated by the city. There really are things happening all around me, all the time! I live around Greenwich Village, which is always bustling about. My favorite thing is just walking around the city and finding all of it’s hidden gems, whether it be places to eat or pretty sites to see. Generally when I’m walking around, I’ll be looking up at the buildings (much like a tourist) but sometimes it’s nice to look at the ground to find another type of hidden gem: sidewalk graffiti!


I happened upon this one while walking a little outside of Union Square. I don’t know why, but I really enjoyed the way it looked and who wouldn’t want to go to the moon??


I’ve seen these around New York City and I love the font and the way that they are almost engraved into the metal. I think that they belong to a certain NYC construction company because I’ve only seen them around NY construction sites.


These are everywhere around NYC. They all say the same thing and are in the exact same font, except the colors vary. This particular one is right outside of my dorm room and I love that it has a little halo sticker above it.

Wherever you are, try looking down sometimes, and see if you can spot some sidewalk graffiti too!

One Response to “{nyc} street sidewalk graffiti”

  1. annalice said

    wow good post babe! yes I did notice this in NYC when I was living there

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