{singapore} little india’s buddhist temples

October 6, 2015

Not only is Singapore’s Little India are filled with Hindu Temples, there are also quite a few Buddhist Temples. Like I said, the culture here is amazing due to how so many different cultures and religions are able to coexist peacefully. These Buddhist Temples were similar to ones I’ve seen before in various countries. The best one though boasted both a 30-foot tall sitting Buddha as well as a sleeping Buddha, which you are forbidden to take photos of. In fact, I wasn’t too sure I was allowed to take any pictures at all once I walked in, but since some places did have no photo signs and these places didn’t, I figured I would take some as discreetly as possible and of course not pointing my phone toward any worshipers. It worked out and now you get to see these elaborately decorated temples, too!

Read more about our Singapore adventure here: little india’s hindu temples

A Singaporean Indian Buddhist Temples photo adventure:









One Response to “{singapore} little india’s buddhist temples”

  1. annalice said

    so cool that they are close to each other, you can really notice how different they are !

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