{singapore} quick chinatown tour

October 20, 2015

Singapore, since it’s really one giant city, is broken up into various area, one of which is Chinatown. At first, I was convinced that I was going to stay in Chinatown, but later realized that it was farther from the airport (since I arrived late to Singapore from Taiwan) and the hostel prices weren’t any better than in Little India. Nevertheless, I thought Chinatown would be worth a short visit. Part of me was a little disappointed with Chinatown because it’s so tacky and filled with stalls and stalls of touristy souvenirs. The other part of me rather appreciated the food options and temples. There were a couple of things (I think museums) that I did want to visit, but it was too late in the afternoon and I wasn’t going to trek all the way out here again, so that was also a little sad, but in the end, at least I got to visit Singapore’s version of Chinatown!

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A Singaporean Chinatown photo adventure:









One Response to “{singapore} quick chinatown tour”

  1. annalice said

    this is the cleanest version of chinatown i have ever seen!

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