{ct} what’s wrong with this pic – restaurant grade

October 21, 2015


What’s wrong with this picture? … Where is the card with the Health Department Inspection Letter Grade? We were in Connecticut where many cities and towns do not have a restaurant grading system.


dadposts-ct-restaurant2dadposts-ct-restaurant3To be fair, this is not a State of Connecticut issue. Restaurant grading is mostly a local municipality function and requirement (see here, and here, and here). The city of Hartford does require a grade card to be displayed. Whereas, Norwalk, CT has a three lighthouses grading, but it’s not displayed at the restaurant. You have to go on the city’s website to search for it. It’s not really helpful to me as a consumer. As I’m deciding whether to dine at a particular restaurant, it doesn’t help that its health inspection rating is on some website.

I’m sure Connecticut will boast about its Department of Public Health’s compliance guide for inspecting the source of food. But, again, how does that help me decide whether to walk into that restaurant. Think about protecting your charge – the public. We want a card displayed, to help us decide at that moment.


2 Responses to “{ct} what’s wrong with this pic – restaurant grade”

  1. annalice said

    do you consider health grades when deciding on places to eat? I can’t say that I put much weight to them

  2. skwchang said

    You’d expect an ‘A’. So an A does not make me want to go in a restaurant more. But, a ‘B’ certainly would make me re-consider. Trying a ‘C’ is probably not too wise.

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