[good reads] michelle obama: a life

October 25, 2015


goodreads-mobamaRecently, I’ve been into reading some biographies. I feel like this is a good way to learn about important people in history (and life) without making it too political or religious or the sort. Of course there is bias in biographies, but it’s just an interesting way to learn more about a person and where they come from. In the new section of the Bernal Heights branch of the San Francisco Public Library, I ran into Michelle Obama: A Life by Peter Slevin and decided to give the book a whirl.

While I’m not a particularly political person, I thought that it would be interesting to learn about this very important person in the United States. She may not be the president, but I don’t doubt her influence over the President, the work she has done during his time in office, and how her beliefs continue to shape the country. It was incredibly interesting to read about her childhood in Chicago. It was especially interesting to learn a little bit about Barak Obama’s childhood, too, and to learn about how differently the two of them grew up. And yet, both their vastly different childhoods led them to similar places, which created an amazing power couple when it came to creating change! What I find most interesting about biographies about people who are clearly still quite young is that in a decade or two, their story will change, so if you think about it, this biography is like a continuous work in progress.


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