{singapore} sentosa’s fort siloso

October 27, 2015

On one of end of Sentosa Island is Fort Siloso. You might have guessed that this fort is on the Siloso Beach side of the island. If that was your guess, well, you are correct!

Anyway, one of the “must see” things listed under Sentosa Island is Fort Siloso so naturally I wanted to take at least a perusal. Since Singapore has been an important sea trading port in its history, it’s no wonder that there are actually multiple forts on the tiny island (used for defensive reasons). Fort Siloso is one of these three main forts. According to its website, “being the only preserved coastal fort in Singapore, Fort Siloso is a historical attraction with a rich memorabilia of pre-WWII and WWII-era guns and remains of fortified military structures and tunnels.” Many places list this fort as having free admission, but when I arrived at the gate, I found that the entrance fee was far from free, which kind of turned me off from visiting. I realize that I might only be in Singapore once in my life, but aren’t most forts during the British colonization era pretty much the same? I’m guessing so … so you get a chance to see what this place looks like from the outside, just like I did!

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A Singapore fort photo adventure:







2 Responses to “{singapore} sentosa’s fort siloso”

  1. annalice said

    at least you got to see the outside!

  2. […] Source: {singapore} sentosa’s fort siloso […]

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