{singapore} kranji’s resort

November 2, 2015

In the past, when I’ve thought about Singapore, I’ve imagined a giant city that goes from one border to another. And while this is often true for city states, it’s also a reality that there are “more rural” areas in Singapore. In fact, the Kranji area is just that. There are beautiful farms and lots of green in Kranji and it’s a pretty cool adventure to get a chance to see some of it. This is part two of my three part Kranji adventure.

I was a little bit confused by Kranji resort when I first arrived. First of all, there weren’t that many people around, perhaps just because it was later in the day, but I was confused as to what the point was. Then I realized that it’s kind of like vacation homes that people can rent out. Upon further investigation though, I realized that there are also many people who live here full time! I guess this is where the Singaporeans who love nature and want to be surrounded by it all the time live because there aren’t that many places in this country where you can live outside of what is clearly a city! Despite the initial confusion, I’m glad I got a chance to visit this lovely resort and take in its beauty!

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A Singapore’s Kranji photo adventure:












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  1. annalice said

    singaporean style hippes hahah

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