[room 113a] juan felipe herrera poetry

November 5, 2015


To end our focus on Latino Heritage Month, our entire school studied poetry but this year’s U.S. poet laureate, who happens to be the son of migrant farm workers from Mexico: Juan Felipe Herrera. He’s written tons and tons of poetry collections, children’s literature, short stories, and young adult novels. My school thought that since we are pre-k to eighth grade, that this would be a great way to create a connecting strand between every kid and grade level in the school. In my class, since I have some of the youngest in the school (kindergarten) who are functionally more like pre-k students, we decided to read some of the poems in Herrera’s book Grandma and Me at the Flea Los Meros Meros Remateros. We didn’t read the entire collection of poems, just three of the most simple that allowed for enough concrete imagery that my students would be able to draw a picture based on what they felt, saw, and heard when reading the poems. I think it turned out to be a pretty successful activity. The pictures shown here were my students’ response to a particular poem about when Juan visited the vegetable stand at the flea market.

Student 1

Student 2

Student 3

Student 4

Student 5

Student 6


One Response to “[room 113a] juan felipe herrera poetry”

  1. annalice said

    pretty good job on their artwork!

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