[room 113a] biking all recess

November 12, 2015


There’s no grass at my school, like at all. This is because we’re talking major city school, right? Recess is on the asphalt, which means not only does it hurt a lot when the kids trip and fall (constantly since they are klutzy like no other), there’s only so many things they can do. The great thing is that they have kind of set up some zones for different classes to rotate through and play in so that there is some kind of variety. There’s the four square area, the equipment (like jump ropes and hula hoops) area, the play structure, and the bikes. Usually my students stay on or close to the structure because the other zones require a bit more social skills than most of them currently have and we have bigger fish to fry at the moment. Besides, once they get bored of actually going up and down the slides, they learn to play with each other a little bit. All good stuff.

The one area they’ve been a little curious about though is the bike area. It just so happened one day last week that the class assigned to the bikes was on a field trip. This presented the perfect opportunity for my students to get the bike area all to themselves for a recess! This was absolutely perfect! It was so fun to join them on their biking adventure. It’s also quite possible that I had more fun than they did riding on those mini bikes!



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