[good reads] magic numbers

November 15, 2015


goodreads-magicnumbersMy students have been learning about numbers. We’ve been going over numbers 0-10 over and over and over again. Counting and number identification and number sense in general are hard things to comprehend, you know? Anyway, so to help with the boredom of learning these numbers everyday, we’ve been reading math books. I love reading books during math time because it helps the students understand some of the connection between reading and math. Of all the math numbers books we’ve been reading, my students absolutely love Magic Numbers by Patrick George. It’s kind of a funny counting book that uses flies that get smushed in different ways on every page. It starts with 10 flies and by the end, there are 0 left! For some reason, my students just can’t get enough of this book and ask for me to read it everyday! Well, I guess I can’t complain!


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