{sf} piqueos’ peruvian fare

November 23, 2015

When my parents helped me move to Bernal Heights, we needed to grab some grub. While the neighborhood does have some interesting options, there weren’t a ton of them close by to my exact location so we decided on Piqueos, which is known for its Peruvian cuisine. On their website, they introduce themselves as a “contemporary Peruvian tapas bar in Bernal Heights, offers an original concept in Peruvian dining”. Personally, I loved trying the food when I was in Peru so I figured that I would like the food here, too. I was definitely right! So yummy! We figured this place would be a little expensive, so that wasn’t so bad, but the only downside was the fact that since we weren’t planning on ordering any wine, the wait staff didn’t pay much attention to us. It made the experience a little more subdued than perhaps it could have been, especially since how delicious all the food was.



Scallops Ficho

Quesadilla de Pato

Seco de Cordero


One Response to “{sf} piqueos’ peruvian fare”

  1. annalice said

    ooo this food looks quite unique!

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