{sf} it’s a super baby burrito

November 24, 2015

Even though Phoenix is known for its Mexican food (mainly due to proximity and therefore large Mexican population), San Francisco is also quite the place to fulfill your taste buds’ craving for something South of the Border. Right in the Bernal Heights there’s Taco Los Altos. I first heard about this place from a couple of coworkers who like to call ahead to order burritos and then pick them up since it’s just a short walk from our school. While exploring Bernal’s main drag – Cortland Avenue – I ran into this place, too, and decided to give it a try. Just like my coworkers, I ordered the Super Baby Burrito with carne asada. The Super part means it comes with guacamole and sour cream; and it’s just a baby burrito so it’s not so huge! It was just perfect!





One Response to “{sf} it’s a super baby burrito”

  1. annalice said

    always a good idea to find a solid burrito place around where you live, i have yet to find one. there is only chipotle around here =(

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