[room 113a] ring around the pole

November 26, 2015


I hate recess time. Yuck! Thank goodness there’s no recess today – Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Recess is just such a disaster right now because there are too many kids crammed into too small a space with not enough stuff to really entertain them. Anyway, my students are pretty creative though and (as a group) have fallen in love their the fire pole on the play structure. They will spend minutes upon minutes walking and walking in circles with each other. Obviously there’s tons of pushing, but it’s relatively light and they just think this ring around the pole game is hilariously entertaining. I guess kids are easily entertained, huh?

Ring around the pole!


One Response to “[room 113a] ring around the pole”

  1. annalice said

    kids are definitely VERY easily entertained, its a good and bad thing hhaha

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