[room 113a] free choice blocks

December 3, 2015


I love Free Choice. My students do, too. The best part about Free Choice is that it has to be earned through green star behavior. If a student doesn’t finish their work during the day, they have to complete it while their friends get to play. It’s a natural consequence, so it’s not really a reward. It’s the same thing for adults. When we finish our work, we get to relax a little and play (be entertained) by watching a show or whatever we so choose.

This year, I’ve decided to structure Free Choice a little more than I have in the past. There were two reasons behind this change. 1) In my new classroom I don’t have as many things that could be considered “Free Choice activities”. 2) The fact that I pick the Free Choice activity makes it so that everyone has to play together thus increasing language. Besides, Free Choice is a creative time. I mean, just look at this amazing block tower that three students worked on together!

Block tower


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