[good reads] emotional first aid

December 13, 2015


goodreads-emotionalfirstaidHaving worked in schools for quite a few years now, I happen to know a lot of psychologists. Usually it’s nice to talk to them, but sometimes I think that they’re secretly analyzing everything I say!

Anyway, one psychologist that I know was recommending that people read Guy Winch’s Emotional First Aid: Healing Rejection, Guilt, Failure, and Other Everyday Hurts. I was quite hesitant about reading this weird random suggestion at first, but since I happened to be between books, I decided to go for it anyway. The book turned out to be quite interesting. Dr. Winch discusses the fact that when we get physical bumps and bruises, we have all been taught relatively easy first aid strategies like cleaning a cut and putting a band-aid on it. But, when we get everyday emotional hurts, we don’t have any strategies to make them feel better. In fact, most of us just kind of bury these hurts and hope that they go away, which is bad because then they get “infected”. The book is broken up into seven sections: rejection, loneliness, loss and trauma, guilt, rumination, failure, and low self-esteem. These categories make a lot of sense and I’m sure that pretty much everyone has experienced each of these seven common psychological injuries at one time or another. I mean, I guess it makes sense to have some strategies in the back pocket to deal with them when they come up, right?


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