{sf} it’s sugar

December 21, 2015

Walking around the City during my various adventures, I often happen upon random stores that I’ll sometimes stop into just because they look interesting even though I’m definitely not planning on buying anything. It just so happened then, that I happened upon It’s Sugar during one of these adventures and stopped in to take a look at this giant candy store. See, that last sentence has two meanings because not only is the actual store pretty big for a place that only sells candy creations, they actually sell giant candies, too. Imagine a giant lollipop the size of my head or a giant box of nerds that’s for sure bigger than my head. I couldn’t help but take some selfies here!

A sugary photo adventure:








One Response to “{sf} it’s sugar”

  1. annalice said

    WHOAA that is the largest lollipop ever!

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