{kansas city} crayon mania

December 23, 2015


Hello readers!

The weekend before last, I got the chance to travel to Kansas City, Missouri for a friend’s wedding. Although it was a pretty quick in and out trip, and it was raining the entire time I was there, I did get a chance to venture out on the KCATA Kansas City public bus system and walk around a bit!

Kansas City Crown Center is a shopping, dining, and entertainment center that is connected by a covered walkway to the city’s century-old Union Station transportation hub. Walking around Crown Center, there was one store that caught my eye, because I had never seen one before: a Crayola store! Dedicated entirely to Crayola products, it was mostly store, but also part child’s playground and drawing room, part interactive museum, and even part restaurant. Take a look!


The entrance! I hope you can see why I was immediately drawn to the store – such a happy, bright, colorful storefront!


The Crayola color wheel – it’s a little hard to tell the picture, but this color wheel covers the entire color spectrum and is built from hundreds of differently colored Crayola crayons


An interactive display with fun facts about Crayola and crayons


There is even a Crayola cafe attached to the store! Although I did not get to dine here, I’m sure it’s quite the experience for the many little kids milling about the store.

Be sure to check it out next time you’re in Kansas City, Missouri, or if that isn’t on your travel agenda, they also have locations in Easton, Pennsylvania and Orlando, Florida.  I feel pretty fortunate to have happened upon such a unique and fun store!


One Response to “{kansas city} crayon mania”

  1. annalice said

    wow that store looks so cooll!! i want to go!

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