[room 113a] “ginger house” fun

December 31, 2015


Every year my students read a series of Gingerbread Boy books (including variations like The Gingerbread Girl and Gingerbread Baby). My favorite is actually Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett because I use it as the perfect segway into making gingerbread houses because at the end of Gingerbread Baby, (spoiler alert!) the fox doesn’t eat the Gingerbread Baby, instead, Mattie catches him in a gingerbread house!

Since this was my first year leading the gingerbread house activity with such low functioning students and without aide support, I asked the school psychologist to join in on the fun, to which he agreed. I ended up breaking the activity down into its various steps more than I’ve done in the past, like everyone frosted their milk cartons down first then everyone frosted the graham crackers on then everyone frosted their roofs on before any decorating began. It turned out pretty well, and I’m glad!

The funniest part though, was that one of my students who struggles with speech (like all of them) couldn’t say gingerbread house because the two words resulted in too many syllables so he kept calling them ginger houses!

A gingery photo adventure:






One Response to “[room 113a] “ginger house” fun”

  1. annalice said

    we made a pretty awesome “ginger house” as well! hahah

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