{sf} eating @ my tofu house

January 3, 2016


One of the best things about moving to a big metropolitan city like San Francisco is that I have access to so many types of cultures and thus their cuisines. I know that Phoenix is getting better and for sure there are Korean restaurants in Phoenix, too, but just the abundance of choices and the variety in San Francisco is mind-blowingly awesome. I just love having so many different foods right at my fingertips!

Recently when my friend were in town, we met up and ate some delicious Korean food at My Tofu House located in the Inner Richmond neighborhood. We knew the place was going to be good because not only were there quite the wait, it was rated very high on Yelp and there were actual Koreans everywhere. It turns out all these clues pointed us to the right place because … yum! I mean, I love tofu and this place just confirmed that for me. Their fried mackerel was pretty delicious, too!



Look at those kimchi and fried mackerel




One Response to “{sf} eating @ my tofu house”

  1. Mordnacht said

    So jealous! I live in a very small town. I wish I had a Korean restaurant near me. On a good note, I have a very good Thai place though.

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