{san diego} frosty morning

January 6, 2016


The other morning, it was 33ºF in my car. It’s about enough to make your regret you didn’t have anti-freeze in your radiator. For those spoiled San Diegans, those transplants whose blood has thinned, 33ºF is a bit nippy. That was about as cold as it gets in San Diego. The coldest temperature recorded was about 29ºF, at sea level, close to the beach. The average low for January is around 49ºF. Where is that global warming when you needed it.

There was some hard frost on my windshield. It took some hard scraping. If this keeps up, we might as well move back to New England. Nah…not really!





One Response to “{san diego} frosty morning”

  1. annalice said

    well at least you had a scraper handy!!

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