[room 113a] exploring science

January 7, 2016


Recently, my class participated in our first field trip. I was a little nervous taking this group out since it was our first trip and let’s just say we have some significant behaviors that would be quite difficult to deal with if we were out and about the City. It turned out decent, though.

This first trip was to the Excelsior Science Center. We went with another kindergarten class. Since it was our first time visiting the Science Center (we have another trip later), the woman hosting us showed our students some water experiments and then gave them plenty of time to explore all that the Center has to offer. While the water experiments were interesting, I think my students particularly enjoyed the light room where they got to explore how light changes the way we see things and holding the various animals the Center houses. It was pretty exciting and I would totally recommend classes visit the Excelsior Science Center on field trips, especially since they were fairly accommodating to my class’ special needs.

A science field trip photo adventure:









2 Responses to “[room 113a] exploring science”

  1. annalice said

    did you have any extra chaperones on the trip?

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