{sf} coffee from martha’s

January 11, 2016

There’s a Martha & Bros. Coffee Company located near my school. Teachers visit this place all the time before school, during school, and after school. It’s totally the place to be and all the employees recognize so many of the teachers. In fact, since many of the teachers go there regularly, they’ve memorized many of their orders, too. I definitely don’t go to Martha’s that often especially since it costs money and I’m all for making my ghetto coffee at home and bringing it with me to work. Besides, who has time to go during school? I, for sure, don’t! Anyway, there have been random mornings where I’ve forgotten my coffee at home, run out of grounds, or really needed some extra coffee after school before heading to a training/meeting on the other side of the city. For these occasions, I am quite thankful there is Martha’s on Cortland in Bernal Heights.

A coffee SF photo adventure:






2 Responses to “{sf} coffee from martha’s”

  1. annalice said

    what is your usual order when you go?

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