[room 113a] the park @ balboa

January 14, 2016


After visiting the Excelsior Science Center, my class and the kindergarten class we recently went on a field trip with, walked over the Balboa Park. Since I had never been to Balboa Park before, I was excited to get to experience all this park had to offer. As a turned out, this place was amazing! It had tennis courts (which we obviously didn’t use), but more importantly it had tons of space for our students to eat their bag lunches and even more structures for them to play on. Sometimes it’s important to just give them time to play and be kids. The only downside is that one of my students has a difficult time with less structured playtime and hits instead of uses his words. When he does this, he has to immediately sit out for a couple of seconds, which leads to crying. I know that he will eventually learn that hitting is not OK, but until then, he cries often, and this was no different at Balboa Park — so much crying!

A Balboa photo adventure:







One Response to “[room 113a] the park @ balboa”

  1. annalice said

    there is a balboa park in san diego too! very different vibe though

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