{sf} hyde street pier

January 17, 2016

Hyde St. Pier is a historic ferry pier located on the northern waterfront of San Francisco, near the touristy Fisherman’s Wharf area. Hyde St. Pier is actually a part of the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. The first time I was in San Francisco with my sisters, we must have missed this area completely, but now that I live in the City, I have much more time to explore and see things for they really are, so I got a chance to explore this historic pier and the various historic vessels anchored in the area. Some of the ships anchored here include the Balclutha, C.A. Thayer, Eureka, Alma, Hercules, Eppleton Hall, and many many more. According to their website, there are over 100 vessels in the area, which I actually find hard to believe, but who knows! If you’re up for it, some of the larger vessels even offer tours, which I didn’t go on, but I’m sure they would be super interesting for someone more interested in nautical history.

An SF pier photo adventure:





One Response to “{sf} hyde street pier”

  1. annalice said

    yeah…this doesnt look familiar from our trip!

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