{sf} cheese from the mission

January 18, 2016

There’s been such a culture of modernizing and fancy-ing comfort food. Grilled cheese has been at the forefront of this movement because it’s something that almost every kid in America has eaten at some point or another. For me, even though my family wasn’t all that American growing up, it was one of only very few dishes my dad knew how to make so on occasional weekends when he would cook for us, we would get to eat delicious grilled cheese. Of course I remember his grilled cheeses being delicious. I mean, how can bread, cheese, and copious amounts of butter taste bad?

The grilled cheeses are Mission Cheese have taken the grilled cheeses that my dad used to make with standard sliced white bread and singles Kraft cheese to a whole other level. Their grilled cheeses are fancy! What’s more important though is that they are delicious. I mean, who can resist fancy bread, fancy butter, and fancy cheese, all topped with delicious tasting pairings? I certainly, can’t!


Ched or Alive – Cabot & Vella cheddars, Apple’N’Ale chutney

Alotta Burrata – DiStefano burrata, balsamic cherry tomatoes, basil

One Response to “{sf} cheese from the mission”

  1. annalice said

    i really love grilled cheese and ordering it when out to eat, however I often think to myself..is it actually worth it to be paying big bucks for such a simple sandwich? hmm..food for thought.

    baba eventually stopped making the grilled cheese and mamie started making them, remember? so sad. hahah

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