{sf} curran is under construction

January 19, 2016

Carole Shorenstein Hays describes the Curran saying, “As a native San Franciscan, I am inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of our community. I see the Curran as a start-up – a hundred year old start-up – and I want it to become a beacon for theatrical artists and diverse audiences.”

According to its website, the Curran is an almost 100 year old historic theater that has housed has housed some of the biggest productions in theater history and has maintained a reputation over the course of its life as one of the premier live entertainment venues in North America. The above quote is the Curran’s current curator who is helping it reopen its 1,600 seat venue in January 2017. This means that the Curran is currently going through a stage. In fact, it’s under construction, so none of its actual seating can be used. This means that when I went to a show recently, we sat on chairs or the floor, but right on the stage. It was really quite the experience!

The stage

The program


One Response to “{sf} curran is under construction”

  1. annalice said

    wow thats kinda cool!! siting on floor hahah

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