{sf} ggp adventures

January 25, 2016

I love my new place (near Alamo Square) because it puts me that much closer to both Downtown and Golden Gate Park (GGP). I love living walking distance from the park because then I can go on regular walks (since I hate running) and enjoy being in nature even though I live smack in the middle of the City. I also love that GGP has real life American Bison roaming around (one area) and ponds and more ponds filled with ducks and turtles and all kinds of other water creatures. On the west side, there are giant (and I mean giant) windmills that really make me wonder what country I live in. And if I happen to walk (rather, bus) all the way to the western edge of the park, I end up right on the Pacific Ocean. There’s nothing better.

And since GGP is just so huge, it’s going to take me years to explore the entire thing. Thank goodness because I love always having more to explore!

A golden SF photo adventure:









2 Responses to “{sf} ggp adventures”

  1. annalice said

    whoa there are bison?!

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