{sf} alamo sq’s saffron grill

January 26, 2016

Do you like Indian food? I’ve become more and more of a fan recently. I like being able to both make it at home (though I’m sure it’s not that authentic) and go out to eat it (which I’m sure is a bit more authentic). Anyway, I’m not the best judge of how authentic any Indian food I eat is since I’ve never been to Indian. There is quite a bit of Indian food in Singapore though and I have visited there.

Anyway, I digress. Since my move to the Alamo Square area, I’ve visited an Indian place called Saffron Grill. I like this Northern Indian place because its curries are delicious and seem to be much less oily than other Indian places I’ve eaten at. The point is, the food is so delicious and the staff quite friendly since they are clearly family people. Their rice (even though I didn’t get a picture of it) is also a little more special since they put peas in it. I feel like it gives it an extra kick, which puts it up a notch compared to some other Indian restaurants.


I’m honestly not sure what this was, but it came with the meal.

Some kind of curry

More curry


2 Responses to “{sf} alamo sq’s saffron grill”

  1. annalice said

    i have always loved indian food but havent had much of it lately!! yeah, they seem to always serve that flat bread like thing in the beginning…not sure what it is

  2. heytomkeller said

    Hey Allisence! I found you here through Instagram. That thin bread is called pappdum. I worked for a little while in an Indian restaurant owned by my roommates’ family, which increased my knowledge of the cuisine from nothing to nothing.5. Glad you’re alive and well! Keep doing awesome stuff!
    Your pal,
    Tom Keller

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