{kansas city} busy busy bbq

January 27, 2016


As I mentioned last month, I got to visit Kansas City, Missouri for a couple days for a friend’s wedding. I wasn’t sure upon arriving what Kansas City was really known for, but apparently, one of their specialties is barbecue! There were several “famous” BBQ joints in town, but seeing as I was car-less, I managed to visit just one BBQ restaurant, which was within a mile of my Airbnb, right before heading out to the airport.

Gates BBQ: the sauce was delicious! And as my Airbnb host fairly warned me, you better know exactly what you want to order because as soon as enter the restaurant and approach the counter, the busy clerks shout out “Hi, may I help you?” and expect a quick answer, lest you hold up those behind you. I guess that means this is where all the locals go, since they already have their favorite orders ready as they walk in the door!

One of several Gates locations throughout Kansas City

The counter with the very demanding clerks

My brisket sandwich and fries! So flavorful and melt-in-your-mouth delicious!

I’ll have to make my way back to Kansas City some other time to try the many other barbecue places in town!



2 Responses to “{kansas city} busy busy bbq”

  1. annalice said

    oh yeah!!! kansas city is known for their BBQ!! too bad you didnt get to try some of the more famous places

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