{sf} el farolito’s taqueria

January 31, 2016

24th Street and Mission is a crowded area. It’s crowded with restaurants and shops. It’s crowded with street vendors. It’s crowded with Spanish street preachers imploring you to accept Jesus’ love because the end is coming. It’s crowded with lots of Latin American music all playing at the same time. It’s also home to Taquería El Parolito. One day, when I was craving some Mexican food, I stopped in to grab a bite to eat. I’ve noticed that this place is always really crowded by people from all walks of life so I had suspicions that my burrito was going to very delicious. In the end, I opted for guacamole in my burrito, but even then, while the burrito was good, it certainly wasn’t anything to write home about. What a disappointment!


To-go bag

My burrito

sf-farolito4Good, but not great


One Response to “{sf} el farolito’s taqueria”

  1. annalice said

    aawww too bad it wasnt that good! thats always a disappointment!

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