{sf} building for the ferry

February 2, 2016

I love that San Francisco’s 1915 Ferry Building is still a functioning ferry port that you get go to to get on a ferry to go to the other side of the Bay. I’m guessing that’s not why most people head to this iconic building though, for sure it’s not why I headed down here. I came all the way here because I love being a tourist in my own city even though I’m pretty sure I’ve visited this building before. Even still, it’s nice to have the opportunity to walk through the building, try the samples, and experience the local vendors, especially on the weekends when the various farmers markets are set up both in front of and behind the building.

Every time I visit here I make sure to get some Blue Bottle coffee even though the line takes forever! This time I also bought a pot pie from the Golden Gate Meat Company and ate it while looking out at the Bay. It was delicious!

A ferry SF photo adventure:










2 Responses to “{sf} building for the ferry”

  1. totoca22 said

    Leve 💐.

    Enviado do Outlook Mobile

  2. annalice said

    ooo i remember doing there and you got some coffee!! Don’t remember there being many samples though…

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