[room 113a] colorful fabrics

February 11, 2016


After reading Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman, I decided that it would make sense to move on to its sequel: Boundless Grace. This second book is interesting because it explores Grace’s unique family unit. She even goes on a trip to Africa to meet her dad for the first time since she was very young. During her time in The Gambia, she went to the market to buy fabric for her first African dress. Since we learned about the colorful fabrics that African dresses are made of, I decided that it would be neat to do a colorful project. We took strips of colorful paper and wove them together into a “fabric”. I think they turned out pretty well!

Our creations!

One Response to “[room 113a] colorful fabrics”

  1. annalice said

    wow pretty impressed! they look great!

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