{sf} ike’s sandwiches

February 13, 2016

A friend of mine recently opened my eyes to a whole new world of sandwiches at Ike’s Place. These sandwiches are so delicious!! It’s the perfect sandwich place because there are so, so, so many different sandwich options, of which many are vegetarian/vegan so there are many choices and options for everyone. In fact, there are so many choices that it was quite overwhelming my first time visiting. There are so many different sandwhiches that their menu doesn’t feature all of them and even online there isn’t a complete list. I don’t know how the sandwich makers keep all the sandwiches straight; they must have binders full of recipes. I’m thinking this is also why the wait to get the sandwiches is quite long, but in the end, it’s all worth it because the sandwiches are amazingly delicious!

An Ike’s SF photo adventure:






One Response to “{sf} ike’s sandwiches”

  1. annalice said

    i used to not love sandwiches, but i have realized how amazing they can be when made right!

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