{fremont} vine is the place to be

February 16, 2016

I recently rode BART all the way to the East Bay and got off on the last stop on the Fremont line (in Fremont). I met some people there and we went to the only real brunch place they have in Fremont (Niles) that’s any good: the Vine. This place isn’t rated that high on Yelp and I think we figured out why.

Since there aren’t that many brunch places in the area, this place always has a line out the door on weekends. The establishment, however, doesn’t seem to have the increased traffic figured out yet and we were standing outside waiting for a very long time. If it was just that though, it wouldn’t have been a huge deal. The bigger problem is that we discovered that the line was horrendous due to the kitchen that was just incredibly slow! It took forever for us to get our food, which was good, but not great. How disappointing!

Some of the brunch options were tried were:

  • Always Vegetarian Quiche • homemade quiche / potatoes / organic field green salad / biscuit
  • Chilaquiles • fried tortilla chips / guajillo chile sauce / black beans scrambled eggs / sour cream / cheese / pico de gallo


Brunch options


Always Vegetarian Quiche


2 Responses to “{fremont} vine is the place to be”

  1. annalice said

    at least the food looks decent. Why is it that brunch lines are always so long on weekend?

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